Jimmie Vaughan ~ "Baby, Please Come Home"


Experiencing Jimmie Vaughan fronting his full band with horns does not easily translate into words…so there’s almost no point in attempting it. The language is the blues and you either dig it or you don’t. For those who do, Jimmie’s unwavering interpretation of it since his teenage years is undiminished and in full evidence on his latest album Baby, Please Come Home.

Jimmie says that playing what he feels has always been his main goal. Without a doubt, this attitude has kept him in the vanguard of an elite group of torch-bearers ensuring that the soul-stirring music of the blues stays true to its powerful source. Everybody in the band shares the vibe. They’re all in on it.

That’s why the tracks on this album all sound like original 45s from a bygone age, played on a valve driven chrome and glass juke box cranked up loud in the joint of our dreams.

There’s nobody else on the planet playing like this anymore, but Jimmie’s joint is still open for business. So, step right up and walk right in.


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